Our Misssion

Summit has been established by a common value and belief system as outlined in our 3-fold mission statement:

  • Build and Strengthen Community Belonging

  • Offer Positive and Useful Life Opportunities

  • Demonstrate, Teach, Guide and Support Individuals to Independence


Services occur in the natural environments such as, in-home and community locations, with personalized treatment plans. Plans focus on the generalization of functional and adaptive life skills towards positive life opportunities.

  • Assessments

  • Treatment Plans

  • Group/ Individual Weekly Behavioral Therapy

  • Behavioral Intervention Services

  • Consultations (Art Therapy, Psychiatric Services, 3rd party consultations, and more)

  • Consultants’ Corner


We employ BCBA, LMFT, and other liscenced professionals who specialize in treating a wide spread range of individuals' needs.

  • Criteria for Developmental Disabilities

    Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral-Palsy, Seizure Disorder, and 5th Category.

  • Criteria for Therapy Services

    Impulse Control Disorder, Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Mood Disorder.

Our Theoretical Model

The core theoretical philosophy comes from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy

Critical theories utilized are Inclusive, Experiential, and Exposure Treatment approaches.

Our Philosophy

For an individual to be successful, the complete body of support around them must be built with the goal of stability.

By offering creative, clinical and positive experiences, Summit helps participants with: Social/community belonging, Offering positive and useful life opportunities, and Independence through a system of learning (Demonstrate, Teach, Guide and Support)

Our Core Values

Summit strives to create and work to collaborate with community individuals, local businesses, service agencies and families to create meaningful community opportunities and education.

Summit focuses individuals on understanding the core values of Clients’ Rights, Individualization, Community Integration, Family Involvement, and Interdisciplinary Team Involvement

Programs Offered

  • Supported Living Services

    For those who need some extra support in their independent living environments and apartments. The goal is to continue providing social, physical and adaptive skill support while individuals live whole and complete lives.

  • Community Intergration Training

    Day program for adults where they can sharpen their skills and have a blast. Daily program focuses on integration into the social and working world. Individuals choose what activities and groups they want to be a part of, and learn to work and socialize as a team member. Fun Fridays are a favorite of ours!

  • Licensed Community Crisis Homes

    Serving individuals from Sacramento down through Hollister, the licensed facilities offer extensive behavioral management via professional technicians and analysts. Providing 24- hour specialized support has allowed participants to stabilize and learn how to be successful in a non-crisis environment.

  • Licensed Adult Residential Facility

    Whether someone is transitioning to a lower level of care or temporarily needs more focused behavioral support, the ARF is perfect. The facility is a perfect middle ground to explore independence and promote adaptive skills. Participants live in a licensed facility receiving round the clock support and clinical services. Many participants transfer into lower level of care or independent living as they progress.

  • Adaptive Skills Training/BIS

    Everyone needs a space to get creative and that's what this program does. Working with both youth and adults, the team of consultants provide stimulating activities and resources to improve individuals' socialization skills ( i.e. parallel play, interactive play, sharing, negotiation, interpersonal communication, waiting, being a part of a group or team, playskills), behavioral excesses, learning and community skills

  • Therapy

    Licensed professionals work with individuals to address their needs whether recurring or incidental in both group and individual sessions. Therapists use a range of techniques based on the participants needs and skill set to address social-emotional impairments and maladaptive behaviors. Participants are provided with new skills to help them thrive in their daily lives.